Thursday, August 24, 2006

You're So Sly But So Am I

The problem having a business and personal email address is I tend to favour one over the other.

Okay, I admit it: I forgot to check my business email address.

Way back when, after Short Film Writer had plied us with his first draft, we suggested that he write an outline, laying out the basic plot, along with some character profiles to help everyone get their head around who these people were supposed to be. Both would help with the extensive rewrite that it needed.

We waited. We even waited some more. Finally the second draft arrived (which left us underwhelmed). And where was the supplementary material? Obviously still out in the ether somewhere.

Today I found them in my Entourage inbox. Two weeks old.

Actually, it wasn’t that much of a surprise. Work Buddy had been sent the documents and printed them up while I had been here. Given how busy we were at the time, I had quickly glanced at the first couple of lines, winced with the kind of expression on my face you get when being sprayed with lukewarm slurry, and gone right back to work.

Saving them this morning, I got to read... oh, at least the first paragraph to each one. That was enough to figure out they had been written after the fact. Amongst all the extraneous information, it was obvious that each description had come from the actions badly described script.

If I hadn’t been paying enough attention, SFW might have got away with it. But then if he wanted to make out the descriptions came first, he really shouldn’t have started the attachment’s email with:

“Ended up writing a few lengthy emails instead last night so only got round to typing this up today.

“The minor ones are much shorter and you can probably guess what most of them are about anyway.”

That’s not how you do it.


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