Friday, August 11, 2006

...And There's More

This is what happens when you speak too freaking soon! One final hurdle appears before we make it to the finish line. Typical.

I was that close to thinking we were done. And then there were the extras to consider. Elements from three separate interviews had to be strung together in a very rough assembly, and their sound levels balanced.

After that came the compression for the DVD. At least the main feature had already been done, earlier while we were eating. While that was running – is still running! – Work Buddy then had to prepare to author the DVD, which, given that it is only for client approval, thankfully only needed three active buttons for now: main feature, interviews and trailer. Additionals, including the Easter Eggs can be done another time.

It’s getting there.


At 1:37 am, Blogger wcdixon said...

Thanks for commenting, good dog...

What did you think of the VW animated spots in the Cannes section (I'd never seen them before, but you probably have over the pond)?

At 10:18 am, Blogger Good Dog said...


Damn, that Cannes Lions site takes ages to load - even the low-res versions - so I skipped over to the Angry Aliens Productions site and watched the original, award-winning version of The Shining and the like.

Will keep on with the Cannes site because I'm interested to see where they slap the pack shot.

Glad to see the Honda commercials were recognised. Choir and Impossible Dream are great. If you go to The Mill's website - - they have information on how both spots were created in their archive.

And carrying on with the ongoing Honda campaign, you must have already seen Cog and the CG Hate something spots.

Finally, back at the Cannes results, I'm staggered that Guinness' Noitulove won the Grand Prix.



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