Thursday, August 10, 2006

The World Midweek

Is it really Wednesday already?

The editing continues. It’s coming along but not as fast as I would like.

It should have been relatively straightforward. The fly in the ointment comes from the Lead Participant’s decision, prior to the shoot, to adopt a different persona during part of the filming as a ‘joke’. Instead of it being extreme enough to be really funny side, it simply confused everyone.

Which is not good when the project was filmed with one camera on a short schedule. Because it meant two versions of the same event – one played straight, the other, if not over the top then close to the brim – couldn’t always be filmed. The knock on effect is that a good portion of the footage has turned out to be unusuable, with some sequences positively anemic.

As a certified Brave Boy, I soldier on with what I’ve got to make it come together. Work Buddy has produced some fantastic music cues and graphics. Jolly wizz!

A couple of posts back I stated that murdering people would be a bad thing to do because you were bound to get caught by the forensics and banged to rights.

Obvious that’s not the case at all. In America they may have CSI, but back home we have FSS. Supposedly, Forensic Science Service. More than likely, Fucking Stupid Spazs. Who managed to miss blood stains on the shoes, trousers and jumpers and Damiloa Taylor’s killers four years ago.

I might as well tank up the chainsaw right now and let her rip! Then stand at the scene of each crime, looking like I had bathed in blood, while scratching my arse with somebody’s severed hand. They would obviously still miss me.


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