Monday, August 07, 2006

I Am Not Beef Jerky!

Waking up was easy today. Trying to remain conscious and get my motor functions up and running proved to be far more difficult.

I would say it was a typical Monday, although thinking back I can't remember what last Monday was like. Even with a mug of coffee gripped firmly in my hand, I was slumped against the doorframe and gripping on to the wall for dear life.

Eager for the caffine to kick in, I tried to reply to Work Buddy’s comments about footage on BBC News 24. Israel seemed to be starting their week off by blasting the shit out of Lebanon. Apparently if your ancestors went up a chimney you have free reign to do whatever the fuck you like. It must be in the small print.

A shower and a second mug of coffee brought me round. Then back to editing.

Late morning the Lead Participant arrived to film the very last sequence for the soon-to-be-finished second project. We sat her in the studio infront of some pieces of kit with blinky-lights on them, bounced light into her face, gave her the first prompt and let the camera roll. Within half an hour we were done and she was out the door.

The DVD for this one has to be finished on Friday for Saturday, which means we’re going to have to hustle through it, over the next four days, to stitch it all together. If this was the only project we were working on it wouldn’t be that bad. Even with time having to be diverted elsewhere, we should still sail through it. We were so relaxed about it, we even left the computers to watch some television in the evening.

Back from her job, Work Buddy’s girlfriend asked how my leg was. Bored with me, the insects seem to have buzzed off in search of another target. Which is good. You’re not beefy jerky, she told me. Which is also good.


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