Friday, July 28, 2006

Gone Native

10:30pm. And this is the first time all day that I’ve turned on the computer. Yesterday wasn’t much different either. This long away from the screen I’m surprised I haven’t got the shakes and gone completely wugga-wugga! Especially since there hasn't been a newspaper or any Su Dokus either.

Back up at Work Buddy’s. Not just because the external hard drive has proved useless hooked up to my machine, but because with the slabs down (and level) the shed needed assembling.

Up went the walls, on went the roof and its felt cover. By the time we were done I was a collection of pan-fried bones and vital organs held together with dried sweat and dirt.

It may seem like a frippery, but having the component parts of the shed joined together into a shed shape is vital because it means that all the storage cartons stacked in the studio and office now have somewhere to go and we can have more space to work in. We can also walk about in the garden without tripping over big slabs of wood.

So in the final analysis it is a good thing. The downside is that since the external hard drive started playing up, the final edit I was supposed to start on Tuesday still hasn’t progressed any further. Which is not a good thing.

With just that deadline alone looming, it means that going out on Saturday night isn’t going to happen now. Which is unfortunate. Because Saturday night our Short Film Writer is having his 40th birthday. And now we can’t make it.

Already it has been suggested that we’re blowing him out because we gave the second draft an initial thumbs down. Which isn't the case. Simply because we’re all growed up now and don’t live our lives by the rules of the playground. Unless I hear different, we’re all still in the same gang. Wizz! Super!

The real excuse is that the deadlines are about to take us by the throat and shake us like a rat unless we do something about it. So scooting down to West London, where SFW is having his do in a pub practically across the street from his home – so when he falls down drunk he doesn’t have far to fall – really isn't the best thing for us to do right now. Sorry.


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