Sunday, July 23, 2006

Something For The Weekend

After getting as much of the editing done in the tail-end of the week, it came down to filming the final linking sequences that would tie the second project together. Get that done and we can get on with the final few nips and tucks, record the voice over, author the thing, get it out the door and... Next!

Filming was set for Saturday early afternoon. Saturday morning we drove through a welcome lighting storm that didn’t last as long as we hoped. Pitched up, unloaded the camera and kit. Discovered that the room we would be using wasn’t what we had expected. In fact, if we had shot there it would have given viewers the wrong idea. Unless of course the scenes required nervous farmyard animals, whips and chains, butt-plugs, and a pile of spare cash to pay a hefty fouling charge.

So it didn’t happen. In any case, the schedule The Lead Participant was working to threw up a few suprises that nobody had counted on leaving us with no time. Waiting around we got to talk about upcoming projects and renew old aquaintances with bods we hadn’t seen for an age.

For some reason, the overriding question running through my head for the latter half of the afternoon was:

Do Superheroes have masked balls?

Which certainly stands as proof that if you sit infront of a computer for too long it all goes liquid.

Taking a break this morning, I discovered that the National Film Board of Canada’s animation website have 50 of the NFB’s animation shorts available for viewing.

Ages ago I was introduced to a lot of their output and found a good portion of it typically consisted of the sort of artsy-fartsy wankfest material that made you want to stick your head in a bucket of boiling tramp’s piss.

Until I was eventually introduced to The Cat Came Back directed by Cordell Baker and the masterful The Big Snit from Richard Condie.

After watching those we listened to a couple of Winston Churchill’s greatest speeches. Then got back to work. The WC is an exceptionally good motivator.

One more day until the revised script comes our way, supposedly. Already we’ve started trying to figure which bullshit excuse will be trotted out this time.

The favourite so far is: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.... red wine!”


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