Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Time Management

Back home long enough to write the new proposals before heading back out of London to get back to the editing. Work Buddy at his work station ploughing through one project, me at the other work station putting together the second.

The clock is ticking. Not just the imminent deadlines but those further down the line. We’re mapping out the rest of the year and there’s a lot of work involved. The sooner we start, the easier it will be. Especially if we start taking on more work than what’s already planned.

A writer friend in LA once told me that he always gets people coming up to him at book signings and the like, saying, “Oh, I have a great idea for a book. If only I had the time to write it.”

Here’s the secret. If you want to write a book, make time. Get up an hour earlier and you’ll have an hour to write before setting off for work. Write in the evenings and weekends. If you really want to write, nothing will stop you.

This is why I think SFW isn’t serious about his short film script. If he wanted to get it done, he’d have done it.

“Ready in two weeks!” he announced on the way out of the pub after the NFT screening. (“He told me it’d be a month!” someone piped up behind him). As far as I can tell, SFW works a straight nine-to-five. So what about the evenings and weekends?

Well, that night he was in the pub. Couldn’t do it last Sunday because he was out at an outdoor concert. So that’s that day down the tubes. Shame to think he’d have to make some kind of fucking sacrifice and interrupt his social life to get it done.

“Two weeks!” is next Monday. Well, we’re out filming that evening so let’s be generous and give him until Tuesday. Who wants to lay odds?

I’m particularly looking forward to it because after his announcement he blathered something about the fact that I may have to do a polish on it. Oh, gee thanks. Can’t wait.


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