Sunday, July 16, 2006

Friendship Costs

Another week gone. I’m inclined to look around and scratch my head, trying to figure out where it went. I know I was here for it, I just can’t remember much about it.

This is what happens if you slack off on Monday. The rest of the working week makes you pay. Which can be a pisser when the “working week” seems to be almost every hour or every damn day.

Out of London. Selecting shots for a promo for one of the projects we’re working on. Have some input on the other current job as well.

On this second job we alter the graphics incorporated into a sequence, based on the client’s notes. Apparently the original was too dark in places and, given the subject matter, bummed them out.

Altering the material shows that we’re adaptable and pay attention to the client’s wishes. And if we do it near the beginning of the edit, we can ignore any stupid ideas they come up. If the client really wants to help they should hurry up and approve the interview clips and tell us which ones we can use.

The project is going to miss the deadline. It wouldn’t have missed the deadline if they hadn’t been fannying around and did what they were supposed to do. But then fannying around seems to be the primary function of clients.

Thursday we had a friend coming up to join us. His latest book published, our boy seems to be drifting rudderless. Before his arrival, Work Buddy and I turned from the computers and threw some book ideas around for his benefit.

The first idea seemed so good that I decided to keep it for myself. Feeling guilty about it, once he was settled in, I retired to the garden with our boy and threw about half a dozen ideas his way, adding more as we went.

Even before the session was over I wished I had kept a second idea for myself. Especially since, after some of the recent filming and interviews, I had a much better in on the project.

If Our Boy doesn’t push this particular project, I think I’m going to nab it back for myself. So that means more guilt is already waiting in the wings ready to pounce at some future date. Can’t wait.

The promo locked this morning, I actually get to come back home. Bread in the kitchen cupboard was a healthy shade of blue. Messages clogging the machine, a pile of post on the mat. Being Sunday, I decide to ignore it for the rest of the day of rest.

Too much to do transferring files from the external hard drive anyway.


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