Friday, June 30, 2006

Phase One Complete

Okay, so that’s the making nice over and done with. Back when I was scutting my way around the UK animation industry, I would turn up at a new studio to work on whatever imbecilic commercial/short film/worthless tat was waiting to be made, by some of the most ego-inflated cracksnackers* I’ve had the misfortune to encounter, and I would sit at my designated desk, keeping a low profile, trying to guage the lie of the land (as well as working out which were the decent people and which were the dickheads).

Of course that would only last a couple of days before the twisted, bile-soaked inner demon couldn’t take it any more and would tear a way out through the ennui-blasted, rictus-glazed stare**.

So carrying on that simply marvellous tradition, the two days are well and truly up!

* Of course there were places where I found myself working with some incredibly delightful and amazingly talented people. They were absolute aces! But most of them were fucknut spazs or butt-smooching weasels. Feckin' pencil monkeys!

** Not to appear like some bipolar chucklehead, but working in animation was so utterly, utterly tedious at times that you had to find ways to entertain yourself. Since taking a shit in the directing animator’s mouth and sewing it shut was seen as not the done thing, alternatives had to be found. And fast!


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