Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sunset Over Cairo

So this is where it begins.

Here I can write something when I'm not writing what I'm supposed to be writing, so that when the call comes through to see how things are progressing I can say that I was writing. I mean, it's not like I'm procrastinating, right?

And doing this also gives friends a well-deserved break - although I know for sure that they goad me on at times just for the pure hell of it, and I take the bait every time even if I don't always feel like putting on the fez and clambering up on the barrel-organ. And gives me a free go at ranting at complete strangers. Bonus! While I usually do that anyway, at least now I don't have to leave the apartment.

I was going to open with a joke to lighten the mood. It was a pretty good one actually; told to me by the Actress.

"What's the worst thing about diddling a five-year-old?"

“Hearing the sternum crunching and getting blood on your clown shoes!"

Except I mentioned this to the work buddy who said it probably wasn't a good idea to start off that way. So I won't.

...Ah, damn it!

My excuse for all this: I probably didn't get enough attention as a child. So deal with it. Because I do. (And you all know that 'diddling' isn't the word that is used in the joke, right?)


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