Sunday, August 06, 2006

First Cut

The footage from yesterday fired in, I started selecting the shots. Thankfully all the montage clips had been sourced in advance, although the ones selected still needed to be trimmed and spotted, presenting the usual challenges/swearing.

For such a short sequence there was a fair amount of slicing and dicing to get the best from each take. By the time I was done for the day about two minutes work of footage was strung together, with about another minute’s worth outstanding.

Yesterday the Lead Participant, plus one, came back up to record the voice over for both this project and another one. Luckily it was a flying visit, which allowed us to get on at our own pace.

It’s nice to be nice (occasionally), but with looming deadlines, we just wanted to get the job done and show them the door so we could get back to work as soon as possible.

The opening sequence would have been finished, easily, but a hired-in DigiBeta had to be hooked up to my machine to import footage for the concurrent DVD authoring. By the time it had run all the material in, it was well into the evening. And on an unusually hot night after the recent mild spell, who would want to be in a small studio with three computers on and a Digi blasting out enough heat to cook a horse with.

Even in the heat, at least the leg wasn’t itching. Although the skin was still taut and the back of the calf now speckled with whiteheads, At least it hadn’t exploded out in a massive spray of hot puss. Which was a plus.

Sitting down to eat, I noticed my ankle bones had effectively disappeared because ankle and foot were now swollen. The one day I start turning into the Elephant Man and I was too busy to notice. Damn.

Have to see what the second half of the tablet brings tomorrow. It went down a treat.


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