Friday, August 11, 2006

Job Done... Almost

Mid afternoon and my job was pretty much done.

Actually Work Buddy took over for the last couple of hours, having already edited a rough version of the final sequence a while ago. After that the sound levels were balanced and the score added. A few additional tweaks and we were done. More or less.

Given that it is going for approval tomorrow, there’s no point on giving it the full service in case we get comments back. As long as it looks very presentable, that’s fine.

Which is good because as the finishing touches were put on, the madness began to take hold of us. It tends to happen when long term, on-going projects come to an end in daylight hours. With time at hand, it’s just the right time to unscrew the valve a little, let off a little steam, and go ga-ga.

Along with the copy I had written, the DVD’s back cover needed some additional material which allowed us both to vent a little by conjuring up language that was completely fucking inappropriate. And darn right rude. We put the blame on cabin fever and tried to top each other in terms of outright filth.

The finish line is in site...


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