Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back in the World

...At least for a day or so. It would have been too easy to title this post That Was The Week That Was. But it seemed too obvious.

Back to work. Computer on. Focussed. So focussed that it took a while to realise the phone line was dead. Which was a pisser because the new modem arrived in the post. After about an hour, it didn’t matter. Any other time and I’d be rushing about trying to find out what the problem was and how quickly it could be fixed. This time it meant peace and quiet. No bothersome sales calls to dodge.

Computer on. Focussed. Writing. Maybe not as much as I had to churn out each day to get the novel finished. But then these are projects I’m more personally invested in, so I wanted to put more thought into them.

And if I became stuck or needed time to formulate the words, there was the exercise contraption across the room. I’d work out on that until I tore my spine out of my back, ripped my arms from their sockets, or figured out what to write next. Luckily I always figured out what to write next.

Everything was ticking along nicely until the mouse crapped out. The light flickered. The cursor stuttered. And that was it.

Which meant a whole evening of trying to remember keyboard commands. Okay, so open, save and quit were pretty easy. But Apple w to close a document? By the time I hadn’t even got close, the screen was full of all kinds of crap.

Back to pen and paper. And a morning in town to pick up a new mouse.


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