Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Big Mouth

All I had to do was keep my mouth shut really. A nod of interest was all it would take and we could move on. Really, it was that simple.

Back from Work Buddy’s with the super, super-duper computer, I was fixing coffee while he set up the second monitor and plugged in the router. Once it was done, we talked about the work coming up. And at that point Work Buddy mentioned something that had been mentioned in passing to him; how a property acquired by one of the UK television channels, and still in the writing stage, wasn’t doing to plan.

And right then, instead of nodding in interest and continuing the conversation the way it was going, I wondered aloud how we would have outlined the drama. What current difficulties there were in the concept stage and what we would do differently, given the chance.

It was well over an hour by the time we were done. And that was just putting together a credible back story and then figuring out which direction the story would go, going over it, back and forth, adding new layers.

Since I already have the business card of the guy who can give us the name of the people we need to talk to, we figured, why not do it. Tuesday we make the call.

Up until then, instead of editing the interviews or continuing with the other existing work, we have to put the information we came up with down on paper and sort out the proposal, outline and treatment. So, not much to do then.

Oh, and come Tuesday, I’m going to take out a restraining order on my goddam mouth.


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