Friday, August 25, 2006

Say What?

Up at Work Buddy’s. Getting more woof in the computer. Actually, we’re swapping the G4s around so I can head home with dual processors and a third hard drive. Which will make it easier to edit from home.

Saving existing work to the external drives, reformatting software, and downloading upgrades leaves us sitting idle for a while. Which means one thing: Time to goof around!

A couple of weeks back, we needed some information on a foreign location. The only half-decent stuff we could find was, shockingly, on a foreign web page. Which wasn’t good. Especially since there was no ‘translate this page’ option.

It soon became increasingly apparent that neither of us had obviously been paying that much attention, back in the days at our respective schools. So to get around our varying degrees on ineptitude, we tried one of the free online language translators, hoping it would succeed where we had failed.

As for the results?

Well, when I got back to London a week or so ago, one of the first things I saw that evening was a stick-thin girl in a short black skirt and pastel yellow and pink striped leggings tottering down the street clutching an aerosol with the spray cap pulled off. Nice, huh?

Well, at that moment, she would probably have made more sense than what we got back from the translator. We had asked for the copy to be translated into English and to be fair there were now English words up on the screens, even if the order they had been arranged in left a lot to be desired.

So during our goof time today, we pulled up the translator web page and generally twatted around, translating text from the blog here into a foreign language and then from that foreign language back to English again. Why? Well, in goof time there is no ‘why’.

In Something For The Weekend – Part Two I wrote:

'We’ve already checked the finished ones, and typically the interlace flicker filter took a bite out of our arse over a few of the graphic sequences. I blame it on working long hours.'

That went out and came back as

'We inspected them who already end, and the filter which agglutination shakes typically some had the bite from our anus normality of chart order and it went. I criticize it at long time day.'

One day, when we break down the barriers, everyone will talk this way. We will be blessed!


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