Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Start Making Sense

Putting the new proposal together, after leaving it to stew for a day while I got on with preliminary work on the edit.

Which meant coming back and refining the virtual stream of consciousness that had flowed out; hacking out the different versions and alterations made as the story evolved, narrowing down the characters and events. After all the chopping and shaping, I got it into some semblance of order, breaking it down into clear sections.

In the meantime Work Buddy called Our Friend In The Know to see about our in. From Our Friend, it turns out the original writer on the project is part of the deal, much the same way an actor is attached to a project to get finance.

Our Friend In The Know suggested having a meeting outside of the office so he could talk a little more freely. That way we can find out if the sniff we got was bogus or not. Hopefully Thursday. Although Work Buddy felt things might not look too hopeful, at least it means we have another drama idea written up and ready to go.

Which adds to the list of things we can sell to the Godless sodomites!


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