Monday, August 28, 2006

Gross Out

Concentrating on juggling multiple projects, typically there are people that slip from regular contact. The past couple of days I had finally got back in touch with the Designated Author to see how things are progressing.

Bounced from June to October to April of next year, publication of the book has been delayed. No skin off my nose, other than a delay in collecting royalties.

The reason for the delay is down to the publisher. Or rather the fact that he is quite likely getting the butt-fucking of his life by a steady progression of hungry US attorneys.

The novel is nothing special. The publisher’s company obtains licenses of various films and television series. So the book is “based on a series.” Not exactly high art. But a good adventure yarn that delivered a cheque.

The trouble kicked off when the publisher mouthed off on a forum. Easy mistake, I suppose. Especially when you want to be a big man to all the little weevils who gossip on the internet and... well, that’s about it really. His big talk got back to the series creator, who used his circle of toady fans to broadcast his thoughts to. And it all kicked off from there.

Discussing it again, I mentioned to the Designated Author that since these little wieners have no life and nothing better to do, once they get hold of a sliver of information it gets twisted around and spread about faster than herpes in a hump pile.

At which point she thanked me for a new, cool and disgusting, expression to use. Glad to be of service.

Now, who else haven’t I been in contact with?


At 6:37 am, Blogger wcdixon said...

keep em honest - that's the way


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