Friday, December 08, 2006

Good To Go

Nothing like a quick slap in the face to pull me out of the stupor and help get my act together.

As a prelude, the Delightful LA Actress had called Wednesday to talk about the website. Then, yesterday the material for the pharmaceutical reports finally turned up.

Within a couple of minutes of talking to the DLAA it became apparent that during their meeting last week they hadn’t got around to addressing any of the points in the document I had sent over. So that will be done next week instead. In the meantime we discussed a few, minor, interim alterations.

The source material for the pharma reports came in the form of word and pdf documents and a trio of powerpoint presentations. The deadline is supposed to be this Monday. Reading through the first couple of documents, highlighting the key facts, I looked pretty straightforward. Until I came to the downloaded document that ran to 244 pages, and is quite a read.

I’ve been instructed that realistically Monday isn't viable. But I should be able to have an initial draft by then, which is what’s only expected at this point. Or more.

In the past I’ve always seen an utterly insane deadline as a challenge. But back then I was fuelled by red meat, caffeine and nicotine.


At 1:50 am, Blogger wcdixon said...

Go mate go...

Ugh...I remember that first script I wrote after going off the smokes,


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