Sunday, July 08, 2007

Death Metal

Is there anything had didn’t happen in London this weekend? Wimbledon made good use of the sunshine, the organisers of the Tour de France made their inability to read an atlas public, and out of town the British F1 Grand Prix roared around the track at Silverstone.

I caught some of the Live Earth concert on television, but unfortunately not when Spinal Tap took to the stage. Instead of hearing their new song, Warmer Than Hell, I caught David Gray singing Que Sera, Sera, which didn’t quite seem to be on message. In the evening I flicked over for a minute’s worth of Madonna, although my first reaction was, “Fucking hell, Courtney Love really has let herself go!”

Whether it gets the message across that we need to stop fucking up the planet remains to be seen. I remember the days when documentaries simply gave you the cold, hard facts. Apparently now that kind of information has to be accompanied by a sing-along before anyone shows the slightest interest. Perhaps all the ex-rockers who have slipped out of the limelight should apply for teaching positions.

Having explained why I don’t do concerts a couple of weeks back as the Glastonbury Festival was wrapping up, this evening I’m off to Wembley to see Metallica. Strange, I know, but Work Buddy had a spare ticket and The Governess and The Bubbly Blonde are going along so it should be a laugh. The show started this afternoon but we’re giving the support acts a miss and just catching the headline act.

Dexter starts tonight on FX. Catch it if you can. Ignore what Caitlin Moron wrote about it in The Times yesterday, if you happened to read it. Once again she got completely the wrong end of the stick. I’m seriously beginning to wonder whether she actually watches the preview tapes or just shoves them up her arse once she’s done talking.


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