Monday, July 02, 2007


The day started with some incredibly insightful and wonderfully helpful notes from Lee who had very generously taken the time to read and then re-read the scripts. Pointing out missed opportunities in terms of the drama, I could see exactly where he was coming from and what he said made perfect sense.

Sure, I should have been working on something else, but his words had got my brain fizzing and I started making notes. Just as I was hitting my stride, the external drive made a strange electronic burp, the two monitors went blank and the computer turned itself off. That’s not good.

Then I noticed the lights on the modem had gone out, the LED on the telephone was blank. I tried the light switch. Nothing. Checked the fuse box. It seemed okay. I looked out the window. The shops across the street looked unusually dark. Great, a power cut.

The first thought was to while away the time watching the news. Hold on, that wasn’t going to happen. Which meant I couldn’t vent my frustration by slaughtering everything in sight playing Nintendo either. Go and sit in a café and read the paper? That was an option, but I couldn’t spark up and I didn’t want to sit outside in the rain.

I bought the papers, stumbling around the darkened newsagents. Three hours later, after four Su Dokus and partway through the second crossword the ceiling light blinked on. I looked up at it, wondering what it was doing on in the middle of the day. Oh, right... Idiot!


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