Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Second Down

So that’s the second episode script done. Actually, it’s more like part two of a two-parter, which is why I wanted to get it written. And of course Granada Guy asked to see it, which was more than a good enough reason to do it.

Finishing it off, I was already jotting down additional notes on the next part. Although there’s no point in going ahead and writing that one just yet. And anyway, there are other, far more pressing things to work on.

The thing is, I didn’t want to start them today. After the last couple days I figured I deserved the evening off from writing.

The last five hours have been boring as hell.


At 1:55 am, Blogger potdoll said...

so THAT'S why you've been looking up cinemas in palo alto.

i thought you were just plain MENTAL


At 10:48 am, Blogger Lara said...

Well done, GD. Keep up the good work! Got my fingers crossed for you.

At 11:58 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...

Ladies, thanks for your help.

Dolly, little bit of a mentalist maybe.


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