Monday, April 09, 2007

Grey Matter

After the continual bombardment of trails on Five, I succumbed to this evening’s double bill of Grey’s Anatomy. Well, they were promising someone blowing up, which isn’t your typical, everyday experience in the hospital corridors!

For the past 13 years ER has my medical drama of choice, with House now running a close second. I mentioned a while back that Casualty never made the grade because, given the pace of the stories, a patient was more likely to die on a trolley in a hospital trolley while the regular characters shuffle blankly about.

In Grey’s Anatomy patients are likely to die on the operating table while the doctors and nurses look all doe-eyed and lovey–bloody–dovey at each other. Obviously I’ve got the wrong genitalia to truly appreciate the show – which made it seem even odder to have the episodes scheduled between screenings of Spiderman 3 and The Punisher. Which is a pretty odd choice for Easter itself.

Still, exploding people! Although I had to wait close to one hundred minutes for a scene had been shown over and over in the promotions, no more no less. Good grief.


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