Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Odds & Sods - An Interim Post

A couple of quick asides because there is work to plough through before I head off to the theatre.

Something I forgot to mention. Friday morning, after the new downloads had been downloaded, we had watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, the external drive was plugged in and we were ready to go... the Lead Participant called.

Yep, there was another change to the damn DVD. It was minor and really stupid. What she wanted done treated the potential audience like imbeciles. But what the hell. At least we'll know we're not the only fools in this one.

Work Buddy on the phone to her: "Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. Yes. Okay." Even he just wants it DONE.

Travelling back from where we were on Saturday, conversation got around to finding the right name for Fish & Chip shops.

Mine was for miserable customers who feel life has it in for them:

Wanted Goose. Haddock

It was the end of a long journey.


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