Thursday, July 10, 2008

Take A Pill

The GP Nazi ripped open the envelope I handed him. He unfolded the piece of paper inside and almost immediately tossed it onto the desk. I angled my head to glance at the schematic pattern of the EKG tracing of my heartbeat.

How does that look? I asked him when it appeared he wasn’t going to be at all forthcoming. Somewhat begrudgingly he gave it the all clear. So that was that sorted out. What about the blood tests? Bad cholesterol was low. Good cholesterol was low. There was no indication of any thyroid problem or diabetes either.

I forced the smile off my face. The results didn’t seem to be pleasing him. He took my blood pressure. I didn’t say a word this time, just sat back and tried to relax. It was considerably lower than before. He waited a couple of minutes then took it again to double check. And that was lower, but obviously still not enough for his liking even though it had only been a couple of weeks.

The little label printer was already spitting out a piece of adhesive with my information on it. That wasn’t going to be good. He slapped it down onto a form for more blood tests. This time they didn’t require me to fast for twelve hours before the nurse slipped the needle in.

I was also handed a new prescription, this time for a couple box of vasodilator capsules to go with the existing Amlodipine, which I’m sure will be nice. Breezily, he told me to return a week before they ran out, although I could come back earlier if I started suffering any of the side effects. Huh?!


At 2:48 pm, Blogger Richard said...

So there was nothing wrong with any of your results but he still gave you another prescription?

That makes sense!

At 5:23 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...

Obviously I needed it because I hadn't got the BP back to normal over the past two weeks.

Although it did appear to nark him that I knew there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol and asked to know each result.

At 11:05 pm, Blogger Riddley Walker said...

Get a different GP in the same surgery - this one sounds like a twat.

At 3:53 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...

Luckily, according to my new medical card, he isn't my actual GP.

On my way out last time I checked through the photos of the GPs, nurses, hottie receptionists and all the other associated staff members, and his mugshot wasn't there.

I think he's an escapee from some local batch.


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