Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Laughing Gear

It all depends on what you find funny, I suppose. Which means in my view, most of the BBC output for the past couple of years ā€“ particularly anything involving French & Saunders or the asinine nonsense put out on BBC3 - has pretty much been dead in a ditch from the get go.

Of course there have been notable exceptions like Lead Balloon and Not Going Out ā€“ which at least had the very good sense to either model themselves, or take inspiration from Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld, respectively, and therefore kept the laughs coming ā€“ along with various panel shows like the always welcome QI and the extended version of Have I Got News For You which now uses its additional ten minutes to go off the rails into madness most times.

Then on Sunday night, Top Gear - which is always good for a laugh anyway - had a review of the Peel P50 Microcar. The piece had me doubled over and laughing so hard I actually thought I was in danger of vomiting the chili Iā€™d cooked and eaten earlier.


At 1:10 am, Blogger Phill Barron said...

Top Gear is the best British Sitcom in a long time.

At 2:40 pm, Blogger Clair said...

It goes to show that there really is nothing funnier than genuinely witty people allowed to go off on one and be themselves. If only a station would let women do the same thing - and not in a Loose Women stylee - I'd be delighted (to be on it).


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