Friday, July 20, 2007

All The Pretty Colours

With The Simpsons Movie almost upon us, Vanity Fair has published an oral history of the TV show on their website. An expanded version of the article that appeared in their August 2007 issue, while Matt Groening, Jim Brooks and past and present showrunners may be conspicuous by their absence, the likes of Conan O’Brien, Hank Anzaria and even Rupert Murdoch are on hand to help fill in the blanks.

Even without them we get to discover who many of the writers and animators consider to be one of the unsung heroes of the show, and the sweet deal he walked away with, some of the more awkward guest stars – including Elizabeth Taylor’s parting remark as she left the recording session – and, according to a study conducted by Fox. the number one reason why audiences like The Simpsons.


At 1:02 am, Blogger Brian Sibley said...

The BIG question is whether the appeal of the Yellow Family's doings can sustain to feature length - but I guess we love them enough for that not to be in doubt.

At 2:30 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...

If they have the same joke ratio as the TV shows back in their prime, well that's far higher than Will Ferrell movies. And for some bizarre reason audiences flock to those.


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