Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Searches And Finds

Wondering what brings new readers to the blog – especially ones unaware of my great charm and sophistication (hah!) – usually results in a pretty good laugh. The most recent Google searches that sent folk my way included:

having a dog is a lot more work than i thought
good comebacks for gingers
"spiderman 3" credits dog puppet
she wore miniskirt zebra
aztec metal blowing
"come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off"
what does andy mcnabs signature look like?
good comebacks for servants
will an mri show my genitals
death by bollock kick
blood on your clown shoes joke (which takes me back)

Obviously, given the name of the blog, some were a little more slanted toward unusual sexual activities like: dry hump wank on ground and chew my cum wad

Recently there was "cute butt" blogspot, which surely should have taken them straight here rather than to me.

That said, of late I did get an email from someone researching the Enzo Ferrari script Michael Mann was at one point going to direct. Google sent them to this entry and they wanted to know more.

I jotted down what I could remember, but called the pal who had introduced me at the bar seeing if he could recall anything further. He couldn’t because if the noise and distractions around us rather than the due to the near empty pint glass in his hand. Call Troy up and ask him he suggested, saying he’d be happy to talk as he searched for his home number.

At his Insider’s Guide to TV Drama class in March, Adrian Mead suggested meeting writers and taking them for a coffee and a chat. I guess, in that respect, Troy Kennedy Martin is as good a person to start with.


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