Saturday, September 23, 2006

Where In The World?

A long meal, a couple of good bottles of wine shared with friends. Pretty much the ideal way to round off a long week. After the all the brouhaha getting down to Shepperton in the afternoon, the journey back, this time carving our way through Inner London was a doddle.

Getting home around midnight, the thing to do would have been retire to bed. But once again, the computer went on. The Delightful LA Actress had mentioned a book to me the first time we met. In fact, on that first occasion, after some industry talk, it was my mention of a book I was reading that got her fired up. The next day, during a respite in her schedule, we hit a bookstore, picking out titles for each other.

Over dinner the topic of the book resurfaced: the extraordinary life of a woman who had travelled the world and served in France for the SOE after the outbreak of the Second World War, and how it would make a good miniseries, given the wealth of material. Having not gotten around to reading the biography, I started searching background material on the internet. (I know, it’s supposed to be used for hot and hard girl-on-girl action, but sometimes the net comes in useful for other things!)

The DLAA had suggested the possibility that, given she had been born in the second decade of the 20th century, the war heroine had probably passed away. After sifting through all the background material, it appeared that the woman was still alive, had retired to London and was living about five miles from where we had been discussing her distinguished career. A phone call this morning confirmed that.

What are the chances of that?


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