Saturday, September 16, 2006

State of Recovery

After alluding to an almost bereft social life, I immediately went on a date. Typical. It also means that after a night out, bouncing from bar to pub to restaurant, today I’m suffering.

Not from the alcohol, or the rich sauces on the food. Nor from missing the mainline train home, which left me squeezed into a crowded tube train that pitched me up miles from home and, with no buses or taxis in sight, having to walk back.

Having had the cold night air freshening me up, instead of retiring to bed once I got back to the flat, on when the computer and, reviewing the existing notes splayed out around me, I worked for a couple of hours.

Which has contributed to the delicate state I found myself in today. With my brain still fuzzy around the edges, there was only one thing to do. Popping in to see Virgin Girl before she got off work, I treated myself to State of Play on DVD.

With the bright sunlight drilling in to my head, and staring at the monitors not an option, I put my feet up and watched all six parts of Paul Abbott’s award-winning political thriller.

Purely for ‘research’ purposes, of course.


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