Monday, September 18, 2006

Next Step

With the dozen log lines for the projects on The List written up, time to move on. Reconsidering the descriptions of projects already developed, allowed us to look at them in a new light. Over the weekend, final tweaks were made to get them in focus.

Now comes the hard part. Picking which projects to work on first. One that’s near to completion seems the logical choice. But it appears too easy. Even then, certain elements still need addressing and it’s better to give it a quick spruce up further down the line after having given it some thought.

One that has very little material already collated will take too much time to put together. It’s better to have the titles pinned up with notes made along the way, gradually building to towards them.

Which means taking a stab at something between the extremes. Which means the project that I worked on late Thursday night. Especially since making notes yesterday elicited a further two pages.

So that’s the one. Character backgrounds still need working on, but the essence of who they are is already there. The backbone of the story is in place. The few questions I had, that previously hadn’t been addressed, have been sorted out over the weekend.

So, that’s number five on The List. In a day or so, pulling together all the information into a cohesive whole, the outline will be done.


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