Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Flying Visitor

It’s that time again! Whether you’re treating today as a traditional Christian celebration, a winter festival or simply a good weekend, spending it with family, friends or on your own, I hope you all have a happy and enjoyable Christmas. Stay warm, be safe, and have a whole lot of fun.


At 10:58 am, Blogger Stephen Gallagher said...

Christmas morning and we just watched Laurel and Hardy in LAUGHING GRAVY. All good wishes for 2011!

At 8:11 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...

I always thought Laughing Gravy was a great name for a dog. I’m sure days would be better if every morning started with a Laurel and Hardy short. Hopefully, at this time of year, you’ve sat down to Big Business, one of my favourites, with the extra bonus of having the great James Finlayson in the cast. All the best to you for 2011! I hope you have the go-ahead and great success with the new shows.


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