Monday, September 24, 2007

Knocked Down

Have I lost my sense of humour? I caught Knocked Up over the weekend and didn’t particularly find it all that funny. Sure, there were some good gags, most of which had been shoehorned into the trailer, but apart from the guy’s blunt response to the girl announcing her pregnancy – which I’d already seen - I don’t think I laughed out loud once.

Maybe the film was just too long with too much time spent on establishing character rather than firing off funnies. Maybe I just didn’t get it. But in the past year there have been numerous instances where I’ve slipped a comedy into the DVD player and then ejected the disc after the first ten minutes or so and chosen something entirely different. When it comes to repeat viewing, probably only Groundhog Day and Shaun of the Dead made it through to the end credits.

If I’m in the mood for chuckles I tend to go with TV, by which I mean the Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm boxsets, and The Larry Sanders Show – something with bite that delivers the jokes and doesn’t outstay its welcome.

Am I missing something, or does anyone else feel that a lot of the new comedies just aren’t delivering?


At 1:02 pm, Blogger potdoll said...

I took my daughter and her mate and they were giggling away and really enjoying it. While I sat wondering why I wasn't finding it funny.

I'm not really one for laughing out loud in the cinema but I wasn't even laughing internally.


At 1:15 pm, Blogger Ian said...

I laughed out loud a couple of times (at very immature stuff, one being "Don't let the door hit your vagina on the way out") but was glad I hadn't wasted time going to the cinema to see this (caught it at home on HD-DVD while doing the ironing!).

It's over-rated just because Judd Apatow or whatever his name is is "flavour of the month" ("Superbad" has now been removed from my "worth seeing" list), presumably because everyone's sick of the very unfunny movies from the usual suspects of Stiller, Ferrell and Vaughn. Even "The Simpsons" disappointed on the laughs front so there's a gaping great void there to fill.

At 2:54 pm, Blogger wcdixon said...

I'm sort of hearing you...opted for repeat viewing of 'Areested Development' recently over 'Superbad'. "shrug"

At 10:07 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...

Glad it wasn't just me. I'm trying to figure out what I find funny. Usually it's humour in a film that isn't a comedy.

Will, ah Arrested Development, now that was bloody funny.

At 6:11 pm, Blogger Robin Kelly said...

Knocked Up was disappointing but Superbad had different writers and is very funny indeed.

At 6:01 pm, Blogger English Dave said...

It's a new phenomenon. The gross out 15. American Pie with less tits and fuck words.

The kids love it. I don't mean that in a disparaging way. It's Dawson's Creek with smut, and believable for them because it sounds like adults talking and behaving like kids rather than teenagers behaving and talking like adults.

Big audience right there. It fulfils their that adults are really just them but older.

And they're not far wrong.

At 11:54 pm, Blogger Clair said...

I don't mind a bit of gross-out - I loved Anchorman - but for a real laugh, you can't beat Annie Hall, even after about 150,000 viewings.


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