Friday, September 07, 2007

Comfort Films

The new Autumn schedules are almost upon us, ready to fling a whole assortment of new programmes against our television screens. Typically some of it will turn out to be tat, but to make even that seem more appealing the last weeks leading up to their launch has seen some pretty barren schedules.

With close to bugger all on that takes my fancy, I’ve spent the evenings rooting through DVD collection. Because of the depth of the shelves, behind the rows of cases I can see are a second row of DVDs whose titles I’ve more than likely forgotten. The last few nights I’ve happily dug out little gems like the Scott Rosenberg-scripted Beautiful Girls, Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan and Paul Schrader’s Light Sleeper.

Here’s the thing... When people are asked their favourite movies, titles like The Godfather, The Shawshank Redemption and Lawrence of Arabia, along with films of that ilk are usually flagged up. These are all very fine films for the cinematic palate, but there are times when something a little bit lighter is called for.

If, for instance, I need to cheer myself up I’m liable to watch Rocketeer. Looking for more wham bam action and it’ll probably be Where Eagles Dare that gets picked for sheer enjoyment, or possibly The Rock. As comfort films that lack all pretensions, they pretty much work for me. I’m not a fan of dumb American comedies but I do have two Adam Sandler films on the shelves. One is Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch Drunk Love. The other is 50 First Dates. I have to admit, of the two, it’s actually the latter that probably spends more time in the DVD player.

The one film I tend to pick if there are a couple of hours spare and I just want to bring a smile to my face is the Sherlock Holmes spoof Without a Clue, starring Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley. It’s by no means a great film but, with Caine as a bumbling actor hired to impersonate Holmes by Kingsley’s Watson who is the real brains behind the partnership, it’s more than entertaining enough. There are times when that’s all that matters.

So that’s me done for the week. A weekend away beckons – although there is still work involved – and then, starting Monday, a new job. The number of hours and time of day mean that I can still collaborate with Work Buddy on all the pharma material that is coming in and make more money.

I know most bloggers when they’re taking a break tell you to behave and play nice. Well, fuck that. Name your favourite Comfort Film – be honest, we won’t be judgemental – and then get hopped up on monkey glands and trash the place.


At 9:24 pm, Blogger Valentine Suicide said...

I think comfort films are best viewed on a Sunday night (about nine-ish).

I'll give you some of mine

Field of Dreams
Roxanne or Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
The Breakfast Club (raising your fist with Judd Nelson at the end is obligatory)
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

At 9:37 pm, Blogger Elinor said...

I think mine would be The Birdcage. Can I have the monkey glands crushed up in jam please?

At 12:56 am, Blogger Jon Peacey said...

I don't seem to do comfort film but I do comfort TV: I tape Midsomer Murders, New Tricks, Due South to watch on wet afternoons. And I'm not remotely embarassed.

But, if I'm feeling miserable I dig out Young Frankenstein, The Producers, Field Of Dreams, a Carry On or a BDA (Big-Dumb-Action movie).

The house is still recovering from the last trashing: 2 cats, 1 very lively mouse... I'll take mi' monkey glands to go.

At 1:29 am, Blogger Valentine Suicide said...

jp, your mention of Young Frankenstein has just sent me scampering to the dvd shelf!

I realy shouldn't scamper at my age.

At 4:46 pm, Blogger Riddley Walker said...

“His real name is Arty Morty!”

Without a Clue is absolutely fucking brilliant. Another good bit of comfort film is Galaxy Quest, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is a fave of mine, as is They Live, if only for the insane punch-up in the alleyway over a pair of sunglasses... ;-)

At 9:09 pm, Blogger Jon Peacey said...

...actually, I've just realised my big comfort films are Wizart Of Oz, Breakfast At Tiffany's & Casablanca.


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