Monday, June 11, 2007

Three For Two

Lewis Hamilton’s maiden victory at yesterday’s event-filled Canadian Grand Prix reminded me of the time, travelling around America, I pitched up in Montreal not knowing it was race weekend.

Trying to find a hotel with any vacancies proved to be interesting. I ended up in a room that lacked a window, but at least there was a soft bed. On the race day itself I made the short trip to Québec City and through a series of misunderstandings found myself on a tour of La Citadelle de Québec, the military installation atop Cap Diamant.

Within minutes of the tour commencing it began to rain, heavily. By the time the young guide asked me if I’d like to shelter under her umbrella we were just about done and I was soaked through.

The cab driver that I managed to flag down wasn’t impressed that water was running off me and onto the back seat of her car. Her frown changed to an eager smile when she discovered I was English. After that, from what I could make out, she spent the rest of the ride trying to set me up with her daughter.

After the two positive responses to the script last week, I was waiting for the comeback from the friend at Granada who has asked to read it. Busy preparing for the sit-down tomorrow, I didn’t bother checking my email until late in the afternoon.

His reply was:

Such a confident piece of writing! The best compliment I could pay is my only question - can I read the second episode?

Which was better than I expected. Already three-quarters or so done, I should be able to find time to get it finished by the end of the week for him.

Taking a break this morning, I was out on the Broadway when a bus drove by plastered with an advertisement for ITV’s Talk to Me that read:

I would do anything for my best friend, including his wife.

Ah, that brought back happy memories!


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