Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rapture Within!

Finally. Densely plotted, grown-up, thought-provoking drama.

After so many broken promises of late... Who would have thunk it?


At 9:22 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Glad to finally have something decent to watch this winter.

At 11:04 am, Blogger Good Dog said...

When Issacs washed his hands in the bathroom and then looked in the mirror, he reminded me of Bob Peck.

Kind of have an idea about how some of the plot threads intertwine. No doubt I'll be proved wrong over the next five weeks. Love the fact that by the episode's end I was left with questions rather than a clear idication of how it is going to end.

At 1:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I appreciated not being told everything. It reminded me a lot in style of the first few seasons of Spooks, and there were some great, surprising moments. I was really worried this wouldn't live up to the hype so very pleasantly surprised.


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