Friday, November 10, 2006


Work Buddy had a meeting yesterday evening with a potential client. Back from the pharmaceutical briefing, he stopped off with an external storage so I could transfer avi files onto one of my extra drives.

Unfortunately the drive sorely lacked a FireWire connection, which meant it took longer than we expected to copy the material onto the Mac. So Work Buddy pushed off to the meeting, planning to pick it up on his way back home once the transfer was complete.

At least having the computer tied up meant I could kick back and watch the second episode of The State Within, on which I can only heap more praise. Especially since I was so far off the mark with how I expected the story to continue to play out.

Typically, the scheduling of The State Within meant that I had missed Jack Dee’s misanthropic sitcom Lead Balloon, which had been put on after the utterly toxic Catherine Tate on BBC2. Browsing the BBC website, while waiting for Work Buddy to return for the drive, I discovered I could watch all the episodes of Lead Balloon on the sitcom’s website. Oh, technology. What joy you bring to our empty little lives!

By the time Work Buddy texted to say the meeting was over and he was on his way, it was far past midnight and I was four episodes in. When he eventually arrived to pick up the external drive I was into the fifth part, pausing it to discuss the possible future prospects. After he had headed home it seemed a shame to give up now with only one episode left in the series to watch.

It was a good show. Funny, clever, and no gormless laugh track, which meant I was allowed to make up my own mind whether I wanted to laugh or not. That said, I still prefer Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm.


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