Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Meet and... Great

Yesterday we had the meeting with Our Friend In The Know (from now on to be known as our Grand Lad). As we were beginning to suspect, the information Our Pal had tipped us off about, a couple of weeks back, had been fuzzied by his misinterpretation of the deal making process.

Still. We had a long talk about the various properties they were dealing with and the kind of material the company is looking for, so we can hopefully come back and knock on the door in the coming weeks. The outline can have a couple of tweaks applied to it to give it a whole new makeover if required. If we’re lucky, Work Buddy and I can do some business here.

Perhaps the best part of the meeting was actually getting to talk to our Grand Lad away from the usual circle of friends. Usually meeting up in a London pub, any talk of work would regularly get interrupted by the lads getting increasingly loud and obstreperous. Any time they talked the talk it was usually booze fuelled after which they would do fuck all about it. So this time, without distractions, we could cover all the bases.

And after that, with the workday done, we went to a bar. We deserved it. Work Buddy and I had arrived in the centre of London early for the meeting. Looking for somewhere to sit and relax, we discovered that since it was September and some kiddies were already back in class, it meant that air-conditioners had been switched off most places we went. In some it felt like the heating was already on. That would have been good if it was a cold, wintery day. Instead it was still blazing hot. So a drink in Soho was good. At a bar, rather than a pub.

One or two drinks, I thought, then home in time to watch Lost. It was a school night after all. But then it was a good opportunity to catch up with Grand Lad socially, even if I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking. By the time we had been joined by a lawyer friend of Grand Lad, Work Buddy informally pitched him a few of ideas to favourable reaction.

Rarely spending an evening out in the city, I had forgotten the joys of late night public transport. Over-ground trains are suddenly few and far between, the underground trains can very rarely make up their mind where their destination is on the line, and buses are as unpredictable as they are during the day. Although this time, luckily, the combinations and permutations worked out.


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