Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dr Horrible

I’m about to head off to the hospital for the scheduled surgical procedure so there’ll be a brief pause in proceedings. Hopefully they have a stronger anaesthetic than the last time I had surgery, which was to remove my tonsils when I was a wee kiddie. Although we were given some knock-out drops prior to being wheeled into the operating room, my abiding memory is of the anesthesiologist pressing the mask over my mouth while I desperately struggled to stop him.

Maybe this time they’ll have a croquet mallet on hand to give me a crack on the noggin. Or with the cutbacks they may just give me a piece of wood to bite down on while they get to work. The next couple of days I’m expected to be out of it, but there are a number of memes I have to catch up on. If they don’t appear in due course it means something went horribly wrong and I’m lying in the hospital dumpster, bundled inside a hazardous waste bag.


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