Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Early tomorrow afternoon I head off to the Westcountry for a week. Even if Christmas feels like just another day, there’ll be home cooking and a beach to walk along. One or two relatives I haven’t seen in a long while will probably drop by, and I get to follow the path up the river to the village churchyard and visit my aunt.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, hopefully in the company of the people that mean most to you, as well as using the time to enjoy a brief respite from the day-to-day world that nips at our heels. To my regular readers, I wish you the very best. Have a good time and I’ll see you back here after the festivities.

[Courtesy of Hubble, this is Globular Cluster M13, one of nearly 150 known globular clusters surrounding our Milky Way galaxy. 25,000 light-years distant and approximately 150 light-years across, M13 is home to over 100,000 stars that are so crowded together at the core that at times they slam into each other, forming a new star called a “blue straggler.”]


At 9:41 am, Blogger Lee said...

Merry Christmas, old boy. Have an excellent break.

At 11:54 am, Blogger Lara said...

Have a lovely time, GD. What a beautiful picture that is! Who needs christmas baubles?! x

At 3:18 pm, Blogger qrter said...

Happy holidays. Have a walk along the beach for me- heck, for all of us!

(In the words of Sidney Falco - "Don't do anything I wouldn't do.. that gives you a lot of leeway..")

At 6:54 pm, Blogger Riddley Walker said...

Fella, have a great time and take it easy. I'll save you some of the horrifyingly calorific Dutch treats from the New Year:Armageddon fireworks ‘n’ scoff bash and see you in 2009! ;-)

At 7:35 pm, Blogger Jaded and Cynical said...

Have a good one.

At 9:24 pm, Blogger wcdixon said...

All the best for 2009!


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