Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What Did You Wish For?

We’re all clued up on the Jimmy Kimmel/Matt Damon feud, right? After first being bumped from Jimmy Kimmel Live, then a segment from the red carpet prior to the Ocean's Thirteen premiere, and finally from The Bourne Ultimatum by Guillermo, Damon was getting a little tetchy to say the least.

Payback was long overdue. It finally arrived earlier this year when Kimmel’s girlfriend – the comedian Sarah Silverman – used her guest spot on the show to reveal that she had been “fucking Matt Damon”.

Maybe it’s the part-Italian descent, but Kimmel wasn’t going to take that lying down. As he says, “You take something I love from me, you can damn well bet I’m going to take something you love from you.” Sunday night, after the 80th Annual Academy Awards telecast, he served up his retort...

The ditty may not be as catchy, and Kimmel may sound like a bellowing walrus, but he sure as shit has a decent contact book to fall back on. Was that McLovin?


At 7:40 pm, Blogger Stephen Gallagher said...

Norman Mailer???

At 11:36 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...

Yeah, it had me scratching my noggin too.


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