Sunday, March 25, 2007

Better Than Monkeys!

One of the many things that winds both me and Work Buddy up is science fiction that blithely disregards the science part. Obviously a few liberties have to be made in the name of dramatic licence but really, there’s no excuse.

So when people announce their undying love for the horrendous hackery from the 1970s through to the present TV SF dramas that simply don’t give a fig, our reactions range from twitching muscles under the eyes for the odd transgressions to full blown rage descending upon the worst offenders. These are the ones who, for undramatic, dramatic purposes, settle on having their characters suffer from “space sickness”. Or “space idiocy”. Or from being a complete “space cock”!

Somehow, from out of all this, came the idea of space monkeys! Magic, eh? The more utterly stoopid the show, the more space monkeys it obviously needed to fly in and fuck things around.

Which brings me to the series of Doctor Who, which starts next weekend. I assume it’s being heavily trailed on the BBC right about now but somehow I’ve managed to miss them. The only way I found out was in The Sunday Times’ Culture section where it was chosen as the television Pick of the Week, explaining:

‘He has to go to the moon and back, outrun “space rhinos” (scaley, sweaty and no social skills) and vaporise a “slab” (a motorcycle-courier lookalike that is leather all the way through), but the Doctor (David Tennant) finds his new sidekick...’

Hang on, back up a bit. Space rhinos..? Space rhinos?

We’ll have to set out sights higher from now on.

One show that we can’t find fault with is Battlestar Galactica, which concentrates on drama first, genre second.

Yesterday, at the party, I had to break the news to Work Buddy that the Sci Fi Channel had withdrawn it’s order for a further 13 episodes, following the third season which comes to an end tonight. [dramatic pause] Instead it has renewed the show for a full fourth season, commissioning 22 hour-long episodes.

Huzzah! Trebles all round!


At 11:14 pm, Blogger Ian said...

Great news to hear BSG has been renewed for a full season. Now if they could just get on and release the much-touted HD-DVD discs of the first series I'd be a happy man.

As for the current state of sci-fi on the telly: I don't know what's been more depressing - hearing twonks like Jonathan Ross raving about how brilliant Dr Who is, or hearing that the viewing figures for BSG were looking iffy and the show might get cancelled.

At 11:38 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...

Trying to be more positive about things, I'm afraid I can't comment on Jonathan Ross. Ever.

At 2:18 pm, Blogger Terpsichore said...

As a real-life aspiring Urania, I share your frustration about the appalling lack of science in SF. Or perhaps I mean - the flagrant misinterpretation of science. At the gym this morning (just thought I'd sneak that in :-D), I caught an ad for a new film that's out. Didn't catch the name. Don't care, as I'm damn sure I won't be watching it. In this film, the sun is dying, so a hot-shot earth team fly to the sun to try and prevent it from dying. Hmmm, fly to the sun? Hope they've got good heat-shields..And how are they going to prevent its "death"? By inserting and then detonating a bomb they're carrying which is...wait for it... "The size of Manhattan"!!!! Ooooh!' 'Cuse my scepticism, but that's surely analogous to me being bitten by a flea, or something? But the best bit is the name of the spacecraft they'll be using. Icarus. Hardly auspicious, is it? Or am I missing something hugely witty and ironic on the part of the scriptwriters?


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