Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Look Forward

I hate to come across as a real grouch but thank goodness that’s over and done with for another year.

Just for a brief moment on Christmas morning I felt a twinge of guilt about not going home for the holiday. Then I called up to wish everyone there a Happy Christmas and they seemed to be getting along just fine without me, which was good.

After breakfast I turned on the computer and continued writing our episode treatments for the big idea. Work Buddy and I had been emailing more ideas back and forth the day before, so I just got on with it, breaking for a sandwich for lunch, and making it an enjoyable and productive day.

Come the evening, I threw together the stir-fry and tried my best to watch the Christmas specials – extended, awkward editions of popular (brain-dead) television dramas and comedies. God, what I saw was utterly dreadful. What it did was drive me back to watching The Wire. Still genius.

With Christmas only just out the way, there’s barely time to draw breath before everything 2007 has to offer is being thrown in our faces. So we get tempted with pictures like this:

And then there’s this:

For a long time, working in animation put me off watching the stuff. I made an exception for the Pixar movies, and WBFA’s The Iron Giant, which was simply magnificent. I did go to see The Prince of Egypt because a bunch of mates worked on it, but fell asleep about a quarter of the way in and woke up to the credits.

Finally catching up with a few films from that time, I’ve found I really didn’t miss much. Shrek was a winner because it ripped the piss out of Disney on a massive scale. The sequel wasn't that bad either, which made a refreshing change. But like everything, a lot of it can be very hit and miss.

Still, Bee Movie might be worth a punt. The trailer is an absolute hoot. And by simply making you aware of the title and nothing more, much like the trailer for Seinfeld's previous film, Comedian, it doesn’t give away any of the main reveals or plot twists that seem to be part of the current trend in film trailers.


At 1:29 am, Blogger wcdixon said...

Pixar rules the roost IMO (The Incredibles!), and the Shreks worked. I have to see them ALL with the kids you know...check out Mosnter House for the future o' animation. Spectaular.

At 8:57 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...

I think Monster House is just out on DVD here. I'll root it out.

The Incredibles is just the best. Good old Brad Bird.


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