Friday, February 13, 2009

What Do You Know?

Gone quiet this past week as I’ve been busy, dividing the time between writing and initiating a massive clear out. Combining the two is usually not ideal, although the latter is certainly helping the former, especially when I not only tracked down the printed notes I had recently been looking for but, more embarrassingly, discovered a tape that had yet to be transcribed.

Sorting through file boxes, separating material that needs to go back into the cabinets while binning hard copies no longer required, and tossing the irrelevant post-its, record cards and scraps of paper that gradually accumulated over time, it’s amazing to have so much desk space back. Being ruthless when it comes to disposal, rather than simply shifting things around, even the shelves behind me have been cleared of all the clutter dumped in front of the books, leaving just the usual couple of souvenir baseballs and hockey pucks.

So, feeling faintly nauseous from the lemon-scented aerosol spray used to clean the stacks, working my way out from the corner of the room, shelf by shelf, between working at the computer, I should have them and the further book and DVD-filled shelves across the room done by sometime tomorrow. After that comes the rest of the flat until I reach the nightmare scenario: finally tackling all twelve drawers of the filing cabinets.

Even with this all going on I could have found time to post if there was something that really got my goat. But having kept away from the newspapers and only watched the few hours of drama that I actually wanted to watch, nothing has really raised my hackles this past week. It feels rather odd. Could this be a new beginning for the old dog? I very much doubt it. Before I come back foaming at the mouth, here’s something quirky for the weekend: A headstrong character who knows where they’re going...


At 9:49 pm, Blogger Riddley Walker said...

Fatuous as it sounds, well done! :-)

At 9:56 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...

Yeah, but wait until you see the next post.

At 10:20 pm, Blogger Riddley Walker said...

Oh crap, what have I unwittingly unleashed? :-O


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