Sunday, September 07, 2008

Well, It Begins With "C"

So, the Cultural Olympiad, eh? A four-year programme comprising of 500 events to showcase Britain’s arts and culture that was apparently a key factor in London’s winning bid to host the 2012 games.

In her speech for London First Conference in January last year, Tessa Jowell, the idiot Culture Secretary, declared:

“The Cultural Olympiad in particular gives us an unprecedented opportunity to show international visitors not only how creative and innovative we can be, but also the variety of what we have to offer - both in London and the UK as a whole.”

With a budget of £40 million, the Cultural Olympiad is charged with planning numerous and local and regional events as well as co-ordinating both the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 games. These include illuminating Windsor Castle and Blackpool Tower in pink, blue, orange and green - the colours of London 2012; holding a National Singing Day to celebrate music as a “universal language”...

Oh fuck it! here are some kittens...


At 5:38 pm, Blogger Clair said...

....and they all look euthanised. Rather like Ms Jowell ought to be for the ludicrous ideas which have spouted from her.

At 11:16 pm, Blogger Jaded and Cynical said...

And these would be the same people who thought flashing an image of Myra Hindley around the world would be a 'creative and innovative' way to advertise our cultural heritage.

Another £40m well spent.

At 1:49 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...


Yeah I think they're waiting for someone to bring a sack that they can all jump in.


To be fair it was Visit London that fucked up with the Hindley image but the 20-2wats should have checked it over.

Personally, I can't wait to see what other wonders the money is pissed away on.


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