Friday, January 04, 2008

Holiday's End

Already the New Year seems to be going by way too fast. Yesterday afternoon the Delightful LA Actress called to hook up before heading back home, the holiday almost over. Rather than head in and quickly grab some sushi before they scooted off to the theatre that evening, I opted for breakfast at the hotel this morning, even if it meant an early start to get there in time.

The girls were still packing and then, when they finally surfaced, headed out for bagels instead, giving us more time to talk. Over coffee and eggs we chatted about her roles in a couple of upcoming independents, her run-ins with producers who decided that arbitrarily ditching scenes still to be shot was a way to stick to their shooting schedule. I mentioned a few ideas for scripts I’d been doodling with and then we discussed the nature of happiness for a little while and had a good laugh about it.

By the time we were done the DLAA’s daughter and friend were ready to spend their last few hours in London spending the last of their money. We escorted them to the department stores and then sat back and watched as the minutes ticked by. In that time it gave me the opportunity to find out what she looks for in scripts and discovered why, as a viewer, she couldn’t connect with The Sopranos. On the way back to the hotel I mentioned the Iowa caucuses and didn’t get any of the answers I expected.

As the car taking them to Heathrow pulled up and I carried the bags out, I realised that, with all the shopping for the teens, we hadn’t had a chance to go to a bookstore and shop for each other. She needs to come back soon. Especially since not long after their plane took off for LAX it started bucketing down here. There was also something she mentioned about a producer or production company having money in place to make some short films and were looking for scripts. I guess I really should have paid more attention to that part.


At 4:57 pm, Blogger potdoll said...

So why couldn't she connect with The Sopranos, Goodle?

At 8:55 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...

Potsy, her problem with the show was there weren't any characters she could empathize with.


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