Tuesday, August 14, 2007

California Dreaming

Right up until the very last moment it all began to finally start making some kind of sense – unless of course you count the appearance by the used car salesman. Then David Milch pulled a sneaky with the final shot surfing shot and accompanying voiceover that spoke of a far greater, stranger thing than anything that had come before. Where that would have lead only he knows because now that the season finale has rolled to a close HBO has decided not to renew John From Cincinnati for a second series. Which is a great shame.

Perplexing and entertaining in equal measures – which made it stand head and shoulders above just about every other current drama – as the series progressed and the themes of redemption, reconciliation and second chances gradually became evident, so that by the end, much like Deadwood before it, came the idea of disparate, lost, and once-estranged individuals coming together to form an extended family of sorts. Then came that final, brilliant tease and, to all intents and purposes, all bets were off.

After all, there are some things we know and some things we don’t and in the end that’s the best we can ask for. At least it was adventurous in both its concept and execution, making its audience think rather than simply sit there and be spoon-fed. When they put HBO release it on DVD I can’t wait to hear the commentaries. Hopefully they’ll lock Milch in the booth and not let him out until he’s had his say about every single episode. Whether it annoyed you or not, one thing John From Cincinnati has is one of the best title sequences ever. The trio of match cuts about one minute in are especially sweet.


At 2:09 pm, Blogger David Bishop said...

Loved and was infuriated by JFC in equal measure. Episode 6 is still my favourite, with the jazz sermon and the spiral staircase in the carpark. But the finale with Baby from Dirty Dancin' doing some far dirtier to Meyer Dickstein will stay in the memory a while...

At 10:23 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...

Wait until you see the opening scenes of Californication when it comes to head shots.


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