Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cum Down My Thought

Looking for a distraction after spending too long staring blankly at the blank page on the screen, I checked out where visitors to the blog came from and what had brought them here.

People from around the globe seem to have dropped by. Some of them checked in through various links. Others were brought here through a combination of interesting search words.

50 Greatest TV dramas was a common term that would have taken them here or here. Then there were the more unusual ones:

on numb3ers peter left to go to nasa

"hate the new doctor who"

diddly wad

ex girlfriends pictures

cocking girlfriends

Cynthia Nixon sex clip moaning

molasar differences book movie (which would have taken them here)

"between my legs"

best way to set a dog trolley

wad huckleberry finn racist?

dog fuck

jonathan ross cock size

fannying around

tim greg saliva bubbles blogspot

"i hate the new doctor who"

supreme expansion talon

My favourites both came from Canada:

swallow my wad (Ontario)

and the magnificent

cum down my thought (Alberta)

Bless you one and all. You're obviously my kind of people.


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