Friday, January 19, 2007

Bauer House!

The sixth season of 24 returns to Sky One on Sunday, a week after it premiered in the US. By now we know the drill: Bad guys are looking to fuck up everyone’s day and Jack Bauer has twenty-four hours to save the world.

This time it’s Middle East terrorists with grudges and nukes that CTU have the thankless task of disarming. Of course as the fifth day ended last year, Chinese agents snatched Bauer in retaliation for his attack on their consulate in the fourth year. So first off the US has to get Jack back, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

Certain shows have recognisable narrative tropes and 24 is no different. In fact, as the years have progressed 24 has become the go-to show for juicy torture sequences. Season sixth is no different with an excruciatingly painful encounter between a knife and a kneecap early on in the run. It makes you realise that in The Prisoner, Number 6 would have given up his secrets a whole lot quicker if they had only doused him in water and attached the electrodes rather than indulge in all that surreal bullshit.

On top of that there are vehicles to steal, people to be killed without provocation, satellites to be repositioned and computer systems to be hacked. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Whereas other films and television programmes in the past have spawned their own liver-ravaging drinking games, to add to the enjoyment of Jack Bauer’s non-stop day comes 24 Bingo.

Press Go for the card of your choice then print it up and play along. With the clock ticking, the first person out... well, doesn’t go kablooie!


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