Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Time For Change

Deciding that the abrupt change in the weather meant it was far preferable to stay indoors rather than venture out and get soaked through, I spent this morning at the computer. Everything went well until I was stopped in my tracks, trying to find the best way to round off the particular chapter.

Skimming through the nearby stack of reference books, ruled pages of scribbled notes and printed interview transcripts in search for the answer, nothing particular came in mind. Even after a quick sandwich break the block of white at the bottom of the Word document stymied the impatient cursor, remained stopped in its tracks. Frustrated by having nowhere to go, I figured it was best to simply step away from the desk and find something else to do.

At times like this, in need of a distraction, there’s always the danger of doing something rash. So I went into the bathroom and shaved off the unruly beard that had, over the past couple months, given me the appearance of an extra from Deadwood. I suppose the time had come, particularly with the party this coming weekend – although I had planned to trim it back some to make it look more presentable. What was meant to be only a brief diversion stretched on longer than expected as I remained staring in the bathroom mirror, puzzled by the unfamiliar reflection.

Finally back at the computer and still not ready to get back to work, I discovered that I wasn’t the only one to decide on a new look. Earlier today the BBC had made a big deal of revealing the new logo for the next series of Doctor Who. I didn’t get out the bunting. What they’re going to do with it I frankly neither know nor care, but at least what Red Bee Media has come up with is an improvement on the previous design. What I did find interesting was the accompanying graphic in which the D and W form the sides of the TARDIS. Apparently this is going to be used on all new merchandise and “brand extensions”. And there was me thinking it was simply about making television programmes.

Still, it’s a whole lot better than our godawful Olympics logo, which thankfully hasn’t been making that many appearances of late. Some people may be underwhelmed by the new Doctor Who identity but I doubt they’d like the see the designers thrown into a deep pit whereupon the entire population line up to take a shit on them. I’m still crossing my fingers that that’s to be part of the 2012 opening ceremony.


At 10:07 pm, Blogger Stephen Gallagher said...

The unruly bears?

Yeah, you get 'em.

At 10:18 pm, Blogger Good Dog said...

Now that the temperature is dropping the devils have been coming around here for porridge as payback for that flippin' Goldilocks'B&E indiscretions.

They've been prowling up and down the Broadway here making a right nuisance of themselves.


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